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Thrill and Excitement

At Try Shooting, we provide the opportunity for you to experience the sport of Target Shooting.

We offer packages to people who want to try out shooting, and connect you to those clubs and ranges that have the right skills and equipment to safely deliver you a memorable shooting experience.

  • Safe and fun events open to everyone 12 years and above!
  • Activities for all levels of experience – from first timers to experienced shooters.
  • Highly experienced and qualified instructors many who’ve represented their State or National teams.
  • No Licence Required!
  • A unique sport that’s age and gender neutral.

Find out more below and give the sport of target shooting a try!

How it Works

At Try Shooting we try and make it as easy as possible for you to book a safe and fun event at one of our ranges. Take a look at the different packages and choose the location and date that suits. No licence is required, however to participate you must be a minimum of 12 years old and all participants need to meet the eligibility requirements for using a firearm in your state or territory.

Check out the packages, locations and eligibility criteria below:

Pick your discipline

Not all rifles are the same. Try Shooting provides the opportunity to try different rifles based on your interest. Small bore is perfect for beginners and those wanting to shot over shorter distances while the Target, F-Class and Sport Hunter are suited to longer distances.

Find out more about the different disciplines to choose from:

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What our customers are saying


Dan and others were super friendly and encouraging! A really nice experience, especially for a 1st time. We had a lot of fun, despite the weather.



“We had a father and son booked through Try Shooting and the club members really embraced the day. The clients loved the coaching and the camaraderie on the range, and we look like we will have 2 new members in the New Year from the experience.”

Matt F., Club Captain


“I had a wonderful time at the Try Shooting event with my partner!  The instructors were incredibly professional but also easy going and took the time to explain how a precision target rifle worked!  The equipment they provide was very professional!  It was a fun day and we’ll definitely be back!”



“We went to Try Shooting at Malabar, it was very fun! I shot 50 meters, tried 2 different kinds of rifles. Thank you very much Matt for organising this! Will be keen to know more about target rifles.”



“Me and my friend tried 50 meter shooting on the open day. The trainer is very experienced, I shot quite well with his guidance. We had BBQ afterwards and heard about the history of the club. It’s very good to getting to know the story and history behind the clubs.”



“The event was well run and catered for people of different ages and backgrounds. It was great fun shooting a smallbore target rifle and shooting from aperture sights was challenging and yet very rewarding. Would definitely recommend this to others going forward.”



“Everything was very professional. We feel there is nothing to improve on this course, my son (15 ) was very impressed as was I.”



“Recently my friends and I attended a shooting day at the range. What a fantastic experience this was. The instructors were so patient with us all and gave us expert advice shooting from 500m, I managed a few bullseyes. I have never shot a rifle before and I would definitely go again and highly recommend this to others. The views are also amazing!”



“A fabulous day out with Try Shooting. It was really exciting and we all got a few bullseyes. I highly recommend you take your family and friends for a great experience.”